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Is it boba tea or bubble tea?
~Boba Tea (West Coast)~ or ~Bubble Tea (East Coast)~ It's the same thing, just different names depending on location in the U.S.!
Where does bubble tea originate from?
In short, from Taiwan! Here is a great article from Food & Wine, “A Brief History of Boba” to learn more.
What is boba?
Boba is a chewy, ball-shaped treat that can usually be found at the bottom of cold/iced teas and is typically consumed through a wide straw. It is also known as bubbles, black pearls, or tapioca balls. Boba is made from the starch of the cassava root.
Is boba (tapioca) gluten-free?
Yes, boba is made from tapioca starch, the root of the cassava plant, and is gluten-free.
What is milk tea powder?
An all-in-one blend of tea flavor and sugar for a ready-to-drink bubble tea. This mix can be used to make iced or hot drinks. 
What else do I need to enjoy the bubble tea kits?
You will need your own drinking cup/glass/bottle, brown sugar, water, ice and your choice of milk.
Where can I find nutritional information for the tapioca and tea powder packets?
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Do your products contain any allergens?
To check for any/all personal allergens, please refer to the Ingredient and Nutrition Facts page.

How long will the cooked boba last?
Once cooked, boba should last for about 5-6 hours unrefrigerated. However, we recommend that you only cook what you plan to consume in one sitting. This is to avoid having to store the extra and prevent loss of the boba’s quality and texture.
How do I store the uncooked boba?
Store uncooked boba in a sealed and airtight container in a cool/dry area. Do NOT store in the fridge or freezer. 
How long will my order take to process? 
Please allow 2-3 days for processing, but we will always try our best to fill orders within a day.
How long will shipping take?
We ship our boba kits using USPS First Class and Priority Mail, which states a 1-3 business day shipping period within the U.S. Please double check your address to prevent delays in shipping.
How much is shipping?
Prices will be calculated at checkout and vary based on location and size/weight of your order. 
What is your refund/exchange policy? 
Unfortunately, perishable products cannot be returned. All food items on the site are sold on a non-returnable basis unless defective. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied or have received a damaged product, please contact us at cteashopconnect@gmail.com. For our full Refund Policy, click here