Here at C Tea Shop, we have created a Boba Kit that brings your favorite Taiwanese drink right to your door. Our Boba Kits are created to give our customers the simplest process to get their fix of quality bubble tea at home. We take pride in our efforts to be eco-conscious through our recyclable and compostable packaging, as well as our reusable straw options. Whether you tried boba "that one time on a trip" or go to your local boba shop daily, our kits are made to fulfill the needs of all boba lovers. We have searched high and wide for the best ingredients to add to our boxes so that EVERYONE can be equipped to enjoy bubble tea from the comfort of their own home!

Our Story

"I was first introduced to bubble tea during my first year at university. Ironically, I didn’t like it at first, but after giving it a second chance, I was hooked! I later started a personal bubble tea blog on Instagram for my enjoyment, which can still be seen if you scroll all the way down on our Instagram page. Over my 4 years at school, bubble tea brought me joy, comfort and memories. I unexpectedly had to return home from school in March of 2020 when COVID-19 hit. Bubble tea was non-existent in my hometown and surrounding areas. My original plan after graduation was to find a job in the digital marketing tech industry and open up a cafe (that included bubble tea) within 5 years. However, my job search after graduation in May 2020 was difficult and due to the ongoing quarantine lock-downs, opening a cafe was not the best business idea. My next best idea was to start C Tea Shop, an online boba shop specializing in Boba Kits that simplify the bubble tea making process. With just an idea and no business experience, I was able to build up C Tea Shop and launch in July 2020. I am excited to continue to watch the business grow, as we reach new states across the United States each month. This has been the most exciting and rewarding experience. We are so happy to hear of the joy our products bring to our customers.”

- Clarissa Guzman, Founder